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The Chillest Traders Don’t Even Know What the IRS Is

Marcos Esparza Bofill, a former day trader slash “guitar band guitarist” and lady-slaying Alphabet City hipster, gave up his day gig to move to Barcelona and focus on his music. Unfortunately, this Hipster Trader is so chilled out he forget to pay his taxes before heading back to Spain, and he now owes a cool $172 million to the IRS, despite reportedly “taking a loss” when he was trading. His friends aren’t explaining this mess too well:

He’s a very chilled, relaxed guy. I think he’s making music right now. He plays guitar and I think is doing some deejay stuff, too. The first thing he said to me [after learning of the tax bill] was, ‘What’s the IRS?’” one stunned pal told the Post. Adam Baruchowitz, [another] pal of Bofill’s, told that his buddy had talked about returning to the US to help him with his clothing business. But now, “he’s worried that they won’t let him in the country over this.”

Bofill reportedly thought this was a joke before Googling himself.

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The Chillest Traders Don’t Even Know What the IRS Is