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‘Honest Bum’ Hailed a Hero, While Steven Slater’s Heroism Wanes

Yesterday, Jay Valentine went on a shopping spree with some lady’s credit card, and he was hailed a hero for merely returning it. Of course, Valentine is homeless and arguably has more motivation to take the money ‘n run, but, still, we didn’t go on any shopping sprees yesterday, with anybody’s credit card. Not the point, not the point. The point is that for his heroic honesty, he has now received job offers at, of all places, an airline. The Post reports, “A rep for Air Wisconsin, a regional airline operating out of La Guardia, said it ‘would love for him to apply’ to be a flight attendant.”

This is interesting, because if there’s one thing we learned at all last week, it’s that, sometimes, flight attendants snap! Sure they become heroes for that, too, as Steven Slater did, because there are a lot of heroes out there, lately, in the summer dog days, apparently. But Slater, upon closer inspection today, also lied about the bruise on his head, claiming it stemmed from a scuffle with a passenger over storage-bin space when in fact it was there by the time he boarded, says 70 percent of the airplane.

Perhaps this is actually why Air Wisconsin wants Jay Valentine as one of its flight attendants, since he’s already proven himself honest, and he really needs a job. But the Texas man who offered Valentine $5,000 in cash today? He might just be trying to get in on the quirky-hero rush.

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‘Honest Bum’ Hailed a Hero, While Steven Slater’s Heroism Wanes