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Is the Ground Zero Mosque Moving?

Both CBS New York and Haaretz have unnamed sources whispering in their ears that developers and Muslim leaders are on the verge of abandoning plans for the Cordoba Initiative/Park51/Mosque That Ate August. But Park51’s Twitter account, and statements from developer Sharif El-Gamal, say the project is staying put.

CBS New York:

Kramer adds that Governor Paterson plans to meet with developers “as early as this week” to offer state land.


Park51’s Twitter account on Tuesday:

The group also apologized and said it has replaced an intern who previously was staffing its Twitter feed, after some clumsy jokes were aimed at Haaretz and the Amish.

The Observer’s interview with Park51 developer Sharif El-Gamal::

In truth, his commitment to building an Islamic community center in Lower Manhattan seems to grow in direct proportion to the level of controversy fomented by his opponents. They might want to take note.

Meanwhile, Ross Douthat weighs in in the Times with a page from John Edwards’s “two Americas”:

The Huffington Post says the mosque’s imam has actually been helping the FBI with its counter-terrorism efforts:

Keith Olbermann draws a comparison between Pastor Martin Niemöller’s “First they came” speech and the public intolerance towards the mosque.

And, for the flip side of Holocaust allusions on this controversy, Pat Buchanan thinks Newt Gingrich went too far in comparing the mosque developers to Nazis.

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Is the Ground Zero Mosque Moving?