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Paris Hilton Reportedly Arrested for Cocaine Possession [Updated]

Paris Hilton was reportedly arrested on cocaine-possession charges late last night in Las Vegas and held overnight at the Clark County Detention Center. Las Vegas police reportedly noticed Hilton’s car, in which she was a passenger, because of the marijuana smoke coming out of it, before finding the narcotic on the heiress. The driver hasn’t been named, and Hilton was freed earlier this morning.

Prior to this arrest, the heiress had been a bit less in the news, though still busy tweeting photos of herself, getting held at the World Cup for marijuana possession, and generally being her own brand of stuff. Still, this is probably the biggest scandal to hit the hotelier’s daughter since her 23 days in jail for DWI in 2007.

It doesn’t seem like she’s exactly bragging about it just yet, though, tweeting only a few hours ago, “In bed watching Family Guy. Love this show.! So hilarious! Stewie is my favorite :) love his accent,” and, “Going to bed. Sweet dreams everyone. Xoxo Paris :),” like nothing ever happened. But just when Lindsay Lohan is set free, huh? It’s the circle of celebrity.

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Update: TMZ reports that Hilton’s boyfriend, Cyrus Waits, was arrested as well on a charge of DUI. Hilton has reportedly since hired Vegas-based celebrity lawyer David Chesnoff.

Paris Hilton Reportedly Arrested for Cocaine Possession [Updated]