Paterson Doesn’t Like Paying for Baseball Tickets

A new report by former State Supreme Court chief justice Judith Kaye makes the case that Governor Paterson fudged the truth when he told state ethics investigators that he planned to pay for free World Series tickets he received last fall. The investigation, conducted by Kaye at the request of Attorney General Andrew Cuomo in March after a damning report by the Commission on Public Integrity, strikes another blow at Paterson’s last-ditch effort to save his legacy.

“Evidence indicates that his decision to pay for the tickets for his son and his son’s friend was made following a press inquiry the day after the game,” Kaye wrote. “In addition, evidence indicates that, contrary to the Governor’s testimony, he did not partially prepare and bring a check for $850 to the game to pay for tickets for his son and his son’s friend.”

The only upside for Paterson is that Kaye didn’t explicitly say that he should be charged with perjury; she kicked that decision over to P. David Soares, the district attorney in Albany.

Paterson Misled Investigators Over Tickets, Report Says [City Room/NYT]

Paterson Doesn’t Like Paying for Baseball Tickets