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Police Help Harlem Man Set New Bullet-Wound Record

A fight between two men in Harlem early Sunday morning led to a hail of gunfire from police that left one man — Angel Alvarez, who is accused of fatally shooting the other man, Luis Soto — with between 20 and 23 bullet wounds. Obviously, he died was fine!

That’s ridiculous,” [Alvarez’s sister] said. “In the arms, legs, abdomen, jaw. … He’s doing all right. He’s talking.”

Alvarez’s lawyer, John Carney, put the number of shots at 23, but said his client was “awake and responding.”

Alvarez’s sister is right — that is ridiculous. It’s also a new record, according to an expert in bullet wounds.

I would say more than 20 gunshot wounds is a record,” said Dr. Vincent DiMaio, 69, a forensic pathologist and author of “Gunshot Wounds: Practical Aspects of Firearms, Ballistics, and Forensic Techniques.”

Still, not everyone was impressed with the joint record-breaking efforts of the police and Alvarez.

You don’t break the all-time bullet-wound record with cautiousness and timidity, people.

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Police Help Harlem Man Set New Bullet-Wound Record