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Sharron Angle Doesn’t Want Any of Your Gay Money

We know that Sharron Angle doesn’t support gay marriage. We know she doesn’t support the right of gay couples to adopt children. But now, thanks to a questionnaire she filled out for the “Government is not God PAC,” we also know that the possible next senator from Nevada will not even accept campaign donations that come from companies that have gay-friendly policies.

Angle laid out this position in a candidate questionnaire that she filled out for the Washington-based Government is not God PAC.

In question 35A of the questionnaire, Angle was asked:

Would you refuse PAC money from those who are fundamentally opposed to your views on social issues?

Angle checked the Yes box. The questionnaire then asked:

In reference to question 35A, Intel Corporation supports “equal rights for gays” and offers benefits to “partners” of homosexual employees. Would you refuse funds from this corporate PAC?

Here’s a question for Angle: Does she accept money from gay individuals, most of whom, presumably, believe in “equal rights for gays”? That may be one of those questions that Angle doesn’t want to answer.

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Sharron Angle Doesn’t Want Any of Your Gay Money