Billionaire Real-Estate Mogul Is Blabbering Fool, Lawyer Claims

Over the past ten years, oil tycoon turned real-estate mogul Tamir Sapir has, according to his lawyer, developed an aphasia, a disorder that affects portions of the brain that are responsible for language. This “deteriorating mental condition,” the lawyer claims, has left his client incapable of even signing his own name since 1998, never mind taking out a $130 million loan to develop William Beaver House, which Blackstone-controlled GSO Re Onshore is suing him for nonpayment of. The lawyer’s testimony, which he asked to have sealed out of fear that his billionaire client may be taken advantage of, paints Sapir as a common idiot, a fool who has no idea what he is doing.

During a recent meeting, he said:

If this is true, it explains all of the endangered-species carcasses that were found in his yacht a few years back—only someone really messed up in the head would have a zebra-skin baby crib made. But then how was he giving perfectly lucid enough quotes to the Times back in 2006?

Billionaire Developer’s ‘Deteriorating Condition’ Revealed in Court [Curbed NY]

Billionaire Real-Estate Mogul Is Blabbering Fool, Lawyer Claims