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Ann Coulter’s Attempt at Stand-up Insults Gays, Blacks, and the Ghost of Joseph McCarthy

Ann Coulter knew she was going to have to bring it. This was “Homocon,” after all, a convention run by the fledgling Republican gay group GOProud, that billed her as the movement’s own Dorothy (just replace lovable camp with nonsensical vitriol). Coulter had already lost one sponsor over her willingness to speak with the enemy, so in order to give GOProud, backed by donors like Facebook investor Peter Thiel, their money’s worth, but still not alienate her far-right-wing base, she would have to walk a fine line. One-off slurs like the ones she’s relied on in the past simply wouldn’t do. After a series of riffs that TPM says sounded “more like a stand-up act than a political speech,” Coulter started suggesting reasons that conservative gays should oppose their own rights to marry. “Marriage is not a civil right. You’re not black.”

Right, because we had to give those people rights after all the fuss they made. You people are smart enough to support politicians who don’t want to support your cause.

But it didn’t end there — she also suggested that the conservative gay-rights movement should link up with the anti-abortion movement because “as soon as they find the gay gene, you know who’s getting aborted.” She’s like the Andrew Dice Clay of homophobia!

Despite what we imagine was some pretty awkward laughter, Coulter got grilled during the Q&A. She respectfully declined to address whether she personally believed that homosexuality is a choice. In response to a question from GOProud chairman Chris Barron, she implied that conservative opposition to same-sex marriage from politicians who exercised no-fault divorce laws was hypocritical. Rather than supporting gay marriage, her proposed solution was repealing no-fault divorce.

At a fund-raiser’s meeting at Thiel’s luxe Union Square apartment earlier in the week, Coulter told Politico that she and her party might have a problem with gay marriage, but not gay people.

Well played, Coulter. You managed to dodge the question of your actual beliefs, insinuate that there’s room for gays in the GOP, but spew out enough hate that no one would confuse you for a reasonable human being.

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Ann Coulter’s Attempt at Stand-up Insults Gays, Blacks, and the Ghost of Joseph McCarthy