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Bloomberg Will Finish Third Term Unless He Dies

Amid gossip that President Obama may want Mayor Bloomberg to join the administration as Treasury secretary — a rumor that the White House flatly denies — Hizzoner was asked today whether he could be seduced from his current position running New York City under any circumstances, which presumably includes both Treasury secretary and a run for the presidency. Bloomberg responded with what is becoming his favorite type of humor, that is, humor regarding his own death.

Yes,” the mayor replied.

What are they?” asked Seifman.

If I died,” Bloomberg said.

You really never know — Bloomberg obviously wants to be relevant nationally in some way — but it makes sense that he would want to stick out his full term as mayor. After all, the man spent $108,000,000 of his own money to get elected a third time. Leaving just eight months after being sworn in would be like buying a new high-def flat-screen TV, watching two episodes of Kate Plus Eight, and then throwing it out the window.

Bloomy: Only ‘total incapacitation’ or death would end term early [Maggie Haberman/Politico]

Bloomberg Will Finish Third Term Unless He Dies