Carl Paladino’s Wife Really Loves Him

Cathy Paladino, the awesome, Irish wife of Carl Paladino, Republican nominee for New York governor, sat down with the Post this morning to give voters a better understanding of who her husband is. Here’s who he is:

It was just about a year ago, hours after the death of her son in a car crash, that Cathy Paladino’s husband told her he was the father of a 10-year-old girl with another woman — and that all their children and most of their friends already knew.

So he still sounds like a jerk, for the most part, but Cathy is such a sweetheart that her reflected charm might actually help Paladino sway voters. She is totally devoted to this man; aroused by him even when he makes disparaging remarks about her family. Here’s how they met, for example:

As for the other family he had? “Cathy said learning about her husband’s 10-year-old daughter, Sarah, didn’t faze her … My first thought was, ‘How lucky. Every child’s a gift.’ She laughed softly. ‘It’s not that important.’”

Okay, win or lose, Carl Paladino is going to have a woman in his life who loves him. Upset … yet also attracted to him.

Paladino’s wife tells of son’s loss, hubby’s affair & ‘get over it’ policy [NYP]

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Carl Paladino’s Wife Really Loves Him