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Christine O’Donnell Hires Carly Fiorina’s Ad Man

Last February, California Republican Senate nominee Carly Fiorina ran an ad that compared fellow Republican and then-rival Tom Campbell to a demon sheep hiding in a valley. The ad, made by Fred Davis at Strategic Perception Inc., is so completely bizarre and poorly put together, it seems like an SNL parody, and it was largely ridiculed by political blogs. Naturally, Delaware’s GOP Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell hired Fred Davis yesterday.

In our heads, O’Donnell rang up Fiorina and was like, “Hey, Carly. Know anyone who can make a totally ridiculous ad for me? I’m lookin’ to go even more viral than the time I said I dated a witch.” Fiorina was like, “Christine, I know just the guy for you. Here’s his number.” And voilà, Fred Davis has a new gig!

O’Donnell taps Davis for ad magic [Politico]

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Christine O’Donnell Hires Carly Fiorina’s Ad Man