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Science: Successful Women Are Doomed to Unhappiness

God, being a woman is a bitch. As if the cramps and the emotions and the goddamn shoes aren’t bad enough, just when you’re feeling good about something, like, say, making more money, along comes a group of sociologists to kick you right in the vagina. The latest, from a study conducted by Western Washington University, has found that women who are the main breadwinners in their families are nearly 40 percent more likely to get divorced.

Sociologist Jay Teachman explains to the devastating consequences a woman’s financial success can have on a marriage to the Post:

There’s some wounded egos, too. The man is going to expect he’ll make more money, and the wife is going to expect she’s not.”

When neither of those things happens, it strains the marriage, he said.

So, there you go, ladies. Go ahead and pursue a career, but know that if you do too well, your husband will probably turn into an idiot child who only wants to plays with toys. At least if that happens, you have the cash to go to Bali.

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Science: Successful Women Are Doomed to Unhappiness