Facebook-Suing Winklevoss Twins: We’re More Than Just Six-Foot-Five Ken Dolls

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss might seem straight from Central Casting for a real-life Ken doll/viable alternative for a bankerless DABA girl, but the 29-year-old identical twins insist there’s more than just their icy blue eyes. The Greenwich, Connecticut–raised Olympic rowers both went to Harvard and recently completed their MBAs from Oxford. They’re also both suing Mark Zuckerberg for stealing their idea, Harvard Connection, and turning it into Facebook — or The Facebook, as it was called before the site came to dominate life as we know it online. (Armie Hammer from Gossip Girl, who plays Cameron in the new Zuckerberg biopic, comes pretty close looks-wise, no? Although maybe not Timberlake-y enough in the hair.) The hardest part of this ordeal, beyond the lost billions, says Tyler, is people thinking that jocks can’t be as smart as nerds.

I think that’s what a lot of people had difficulty with,” Tyler tells the Post, “‘These guys are sportsmen. Zuckerberg should have the idea.’ But they had trouble digesting and accepting, ‘Well, maybe he didn’t have the idea but he took it from these guys who are sportsmen but who maybe also have good ideas.’”

Last year, Facebook settled with the Winklevosses (and the other plaintiffs involved) for $65 million, a number that was supposed to remain undisclosed. But the brothers, whom the Post portrays as very fair-minded and diplomatic, are still pursuing action over a dispute in the value of the stock options. “What was done to us was a terrible thing,” says Tyler. “Everyone’s talking about ‘The Facebook,’ and you’re like, ‘Wait, that was supposed to be us.’” Take heart, twins. It sounds like after the movie, everyone will wish it was yours, too.

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Facebook-Suing Winklevoss Twins: We’re More Than Just Six-Foot-Five Ken Dolls