Hedge-Fund Executive Explores Other Growth Opportunities

Connecticut-based hedge fund New Stream Capital is maybe not doing so hot — the firm, which was heavy into the commercial and residential real-estate markets, has been sued by several investors and is said to be under investigation for the violation of securities laws. So it makes sense that employees would seek out other options. For instance, Tara Bryson, the head of investor relations, and her boyfriend, Michael Hearl, received a $49,000 grant from the state of Connecticut this year to transform their property in a suburb of Ridgefield into a goat farm. But apparently, goat farming did not have margins as high as they would have liked, as as the pair was recently arrested and charged with “cultivating a complex operation,” the fruits of which were not delicious cheese, milk, and yogurt.

Among the items seized from the property:

Eight firearms which include five handguns, two rifles, and a shotgun; a large amount of ammunition; a Connecticut pistol permit in Hearl’s name; $1,000 in cash; various apparatus used for growing marijuana; dried marijuana; 203 marijuana plants at various stages of maturity; marijuana seeds; various chemicals; hydroponic growing devices; various electric lamps; a motorized track lighting system; portable air conditioners; an air filtration system; a carbon dioxide generator; a blower; financial records; thermometers; timers; a personal computer; and a growing ledger, among many other items.

Hearl told Forbes the charges were “bogus,” adding that they “didn’t have that many plants.” Damn hedge-fund people and their excess.

Executive At Troubled Hedge Fund Arrested For Running “Complex” Pot Farm In Her House [Players and Deals/Forbes via DB]
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Hedge-Fund Executive Explores Other Growth Opportunities