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Guys, There Is a Perfectly Logical Explanation for Those Lindsay Lohan Heroin Pictures

Yesterday, Britain’s News of the World published a series of grainy photos of actress Lindsay Lohan playing with a syringe, making out with fellow Hollywood mess Paris Hilton, and seemingly getting drugs injected into her back. There are a few things about the images that raise questions: First of all, they are extremely fuzzy and it’s difficult to tell exactly what Lindsay is holding (though it does indeed look like a syringe). Second, they are from 2007, when photos of the actress doing hard drugs would have been a lot more shocking — and therefore valuable. Why would a source sit on them until now? And third: Why would she pose for pictures while injecting heroin? It’s one thing to make the decision to do drugs. There’s at least some pluses involved. But getting photographed while doing so? When you are a celebrity? There is no net positive for that.

But okay, assuming the pictures show what they seem to show — Lindsay playing with a needle, receiving an injection in her back, and making out with Paris — there’s a perfectly logical explanation: Lindsay Lohan is probably a diabetic!

Seriously! Think about it. She clearly isn’t eating right, so her blood sugar is probably all over the place. In a moment of emergency, the Mean Girls star realizes she needs an insulin injection. She can’t find her toolkit at first (have you seen her apartment?) so she calls over to her friend Paris for help. Paris scours the apartment with her, and then when they eventually find the insulin, gives her the injection. Lindsay, thinking that this is probably a good learning experience for her fans, asks another friend to document with pictures.

Problematically, though, Paris doesn’t know anything about injecting insulin, and has doubled Lohan’s dose. Her blood-sugar level plummets, and suddenly she is craving something sweet. Since there are (obviously) no carbohydrates in her apartment, she’s in a bit of a pickle. “Paris, do you have any candy??” she asks, frantically. “Not on me!” Paris replies, “But I did just eat a jumbo-size box of Jolly Joes. In fact, all I eat is candy — why don’t you lick the inside of my mouth?” Problem solved!

Doesn’t this explanation make much more sense than the heroin one?

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Guys, There Is a Perfectly Logical Explanation for Those Lindsay Lohan Heroin Pictures