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Harry Reid Thinks Kirsten Gillibrand Is So Hot

For unknown and possibly unknowable reasons, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has apparently decided to make creepy, vaguely or explicitly sexual remarks about each Democratic candidate running for Senate this year. Not a week after calling Delaware Senate nominee Chris Coons “my pet,” he had this to say about New York’s own Kirsten Gillibrand, who is now running against Kara DioGuardi’s dad.

We in the Senate refer to Sen. Gillibrand as the hottest member.”

According to Politico’s Maggie Haberman, “[t]he comment prompted Gillibrand to turn red, according to the sources, and created a bit of stir among the small crowd there.” Reid’s spokesman downplayed the inappropriateness of the remark by noting that Gillibrand had “made The Hill’s ‘Most Beautiful’ list.” Of course, being called “beautiful” by a newspaper is flattering, while being called “hot” by your 70-year-old superior is usually grounds for a lawsuit.

Reid calls Gillibrand the ‘hottest’ member at fundraiser [Politico]

Harry Reid Thinks Kirsten Gillibrand Is So Hot