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In Which Rudy Giuliani Briefly Fools Us Into Thinking He Supports the Ground-Zero Mosque

A day after Feisal Abdul Rauf penned a Times op-ed explaining his reasoning and vision for the Islamic community center, Rudy Giuliani has published an op-ed of his own in the Daily News explaining his opposition. At least, that’s what we assumed his position would be, based on his prior remarks on the subject, as well as the title of the piece, “Yes to tolerance, no to mosque.” But then we started reading.

Soon after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, it became clear that the terrorists were Islamic extremists. On 9/11, and in the days immediately following, I reminded New Yorkers not to direct their anger against any particular religion or nationality. At a press conference on Sept. 12, I told people, “Nobody should attack anybody else. That’s what we’re dealing with right now. We are dealing with insanity, with sick hatred.” ….

Oh my God. It’s happening. Rudy Giuliani is about to declare his support for the community center. He’s going to say that, just like after 9/11, we can’t lump all Muslims in with a small minority of Muslim terrorists. And if all Muslims aren’t to blame for 9/11, then why should an Islamic community center near ground zero be insulting? We knew you had it in you, Rudy. (Not really; we’re pretty surprised.) Okay, stay calm.

Here it comes 

There it is! Wait — don’t automatically lump in the legitimately concerned mosque critics with the small minority who simply hate Muslims? That’s the lumping you’re worried about? But, but you were just saying about the Muslims … doesn’t the same principle apply … if you’re against lumping … eh, forget it.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Park51: Yes to tolerance, no to mosque [NYDN]

In Which Rudy Giuliani Briefly Fools Us Into Thinking He Supports the Ground-Zero Mosque