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James O’Keefe Clearly Out of Ideas

In his latest stunt, serious “investigative journalist” James O’Keefe reportedly planned to secretly videotape himself fake-seducing a CNN reporter on a boat decked out as a “palace of pleasure” replete with condoms, dildos, lube, and Viagra, and record her shocked and disgusted response. The plot was foiled when the reporter, Abbie Boudreau, who was meeting with O’Keefe to discuss a music video he was starring in, was alerted to the scheme by a nervous O’Keefe associate named Izzy Santa just before the interview was set to take place.

When Boudreau arrived at the address, a house located on a tributary of the Patuxent River, Santa approached her with a tape recorder in her hand and said she wanted to talk in the car, Boudreau said.

I noticed she had a little bit of dirt on her face, her lip was shaking, she seemed really uncomfortable and I asked her if she was OK,” Boudreau said. “The first thing she basically said to me was, ‘I’m not recording you, I’m not recording you. Are you recording me?’ I said, ‘No, I’m not recording you,’ and she showed me her digital recorder and it was not recording.”

Santa told Boudreau that O’Keefe planned to “punk” her by getting on a boat where hidden cameras were set up. Boudreau said she would not get on the boat and asked Santa why O’Keefe wanted her there.

So many questions — the first being what the point would have been even if the stunt had gone according to plan. As a planning document provided to CNN by Santa explains:

How this would reflect poorly on Boudreau, and not O’Keefe, we do not understand.

Fake pimp from ACORN videos tries to ‘punk’ CNN correspondent [CNN]

James O’Keefe Clearly Out of Ideas