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Madonna Is Experiencing the Real New York Again

Living in her gilded cage all these years, Madonna, once a frequenter of dirty Manhattan bars, clubs, and pizza joints, has lost touch with the Real New York. She likely misses things like, breakdancing with children and fraternizing with bad boys who work in grimy auto shops, which is probably why she’s been seizing every opportunity to get back in touch with what it’s like to be a Real New Yorker while shooting her directorial debut, W.E., in Brooklyn. She sent her kid to public school. She rode the subway. And today, completely fortuitously, she was told to fuck off by a complete stranger.

During a shoot in Brooklyn, a passerby became annoyed when a production assistant on the film asked him to cross the street. “This is a public sidewalk. I will continue to walk where I please,” the affronted party told him, according to Althouse. Then:

I pushed past him and a I came upon a haggard woman in sunglasses, a baseball cap, and a scarf printed with a stylized skull pattern, holding a clipboard, and looking into a handheld monitor along with a couple of other people. Being a veteran of the terrible world of film production, I recognized that this woman was probably the director. I paused as I passed and said to her: “You need to inform your brain-dead P.A.s that they need to treat us residents a little better, honey.” She looked at me, expressionless behind her sunglasses for a moment before one of the men with her said “Move along, sir.” I replied “a hearty fuck you to both of you” and I walked onward.

If only he had stuck around. He might have heard a whispered “Thank you.”

I yelled at Madonna today, and I didn’t even realize it until later! [Althouse via Gothamist]

Madonna Is Experiencing the Real New York Again