Man Gets Wasted, Loses $1.4 Million Painting

Anyone find a painting recently? Oil portrait, about a foot tall, of a girl, kinda old-fashioned looking, nineteenth-century type of thing? If so, James Carl Haggerty would seriously appreciate it if you returned it. His friend Tom Doyle was going to pay him $25,000 to take the painting, Portrait of a Girl, by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, to a dealer to have it valued, and he did do that. He met the guy at the Mark Hotel, they proceeded to get wasted, and while he did leave with the painting — security cameras captured him “tumbling out the front door, colliding with the doorman as he is exiting the hotel” — somehow along the way home he, um, kind of lost it?

The next morning, Haggerty informed Doyle that he did not have the painting, and could not recall its whereabouts citing that he had too much to drink the previous evening,” the suit says.

Now his friends are suing him. But now that the value of the painting has been publicized and the cabbie who has the thing in his trunk knows how important it is, he’ll probably return it. Right?

Man Lost $1.4 Million Corot Painting After Boozing, Suit Says [Bloomberg]

Man Gets Wasted, Loses $1.4 Million Painting