Maybe It’s Time to Stop Proposing on the Brooklyn Bridge, People

Last year, a man got on one knee on the Brooklyn Bridge. In front of his blushing girlfriend, he reached into his pocket, producing a tiny box. He opened it. Inside, a ring glistened. He held it up to her, and she watched as the sparking diamond loomed towards her — then away, bouncing out of the box, down to the wooden planks of the walkway, through a crack, and onto the pavement of the roadway below. The story of Don Walling and Gina Pellicani made the Today show, after Walling jumped down into traffic and eventually retrieved the ring. This was a cautionary tale, no?

You’d think so. But, in fact, people continue to propose on the Brooklyn Bridge. And according to the papers this morning, they continue to drop rings. The alliteratively named couple Trey Turner and Kelsey Kramer had their own memorable moment on the bridge last week when Trey proposed — and similarly dropped his ring. This time, the bauble landed on a bit of scaffolding, and a construction worker managed to rescue it a couple of days later.

Let this be a lesson to you: Propose in places with impermeable flooring! Seriously, what’s wrong with the old top of the Empire State Building? Or the roof of the Met? Or, better yet, the dance floor at Fiddlesticks? Because if there was ever a symbol of the connection of love in the city, it’s that last place. And if you drop your ring, it will stick to the floor — right where you dropped it!

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Maybe It’s Time to Stop Proposing on the Brooklyn Bridge, People