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Mayor Bloomberg Has a Senior Moment

Thomas Frieden is the former New York City Health Commissioner and now the Director of the Center for Disease Control. Thomas Farley is the city’s new Health Commissioner. Thomas Friedman is a columnist for the New York Times. Thomas Foley is the Republican nominee for governor in Connecticut.

During a discussion on the radio today about broadening the smoking ban, Mayor Bloomberg struggled to name which of these people was sitting next to him, according to a transcript by the Daily Politics:

Bloomberg: “A lot of people don’t like sitting next to somebody who’s smoking, and they don’t like — which incidentally is, Tom Frieden’s with us — Friedman — yes, well, Foley. Friedman was the last guy. Frieden was the last guy. Friedman’s the columnist, and Foley’s the one we have now. I picked Foley, Tom Foley, because we didn’t have to change the monograms on the towels. Tom Friedman, Tom Foley — and a lot of people, all kidding aside, don’t like all the butts and cigarette and the beach and everything. Tom, you want to talk about this a little bit?”

Gambling: “Yeah, well, good to see you, Tom, nice to, nice to have you here.”

Farley: “Yeah, good morning.”

Bloomberg: “Foley.”

Gambling: “Farley.”

That was uncomfortable.

Foley? Farley? Yes, Farley. » [Daily Politics/NYDN]

Mayor Bloomberg Has a Senior Moment