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Paterson Suggests One-Week Moratorium on Mosque Debate

The governor, fed up with the constant mosque chatter (which is showing no signs of letting up, especially as election fever heats up), tried a new tactic Monday to try to “calm the tensions” surrounding the formation of the Islamic community center and mosque near ground zero. Paterson said that New Yorkers should honor this week’s Jewish and Muslim holidays, as well as the anniversary of September 11, by observing a “one-week moratorium” on mosque talk.

Perhaps we might think more in terms of supporting those families who are on both sides of this issue as all of us are and maybe all step back and try to devote a week of peace,” he suggested.

He pledged to not speak about the issue himself, in hopes of ascertaining “if this exercise would help New Yorkers and Americans remember that the terrorists didn’t care who we were when they attacked us and we should think a lot about the fact that in many ways, we were all victims.”

So this leaves us in need of a new topic to obsess over this week …. Uh, did you guys hear about the coyote in Westchester?!

Gov. Paterson: Mosque talk should take week off to honor Jewish, Muslim holidays, 9/11 anniversary [NYDN]

Paterson Suggests One-Week Moratorium on Mosque Debate