reefer madness — Adventures in Crowd-Sourced Journalism

One of the best things about a living document, like the Constitution or, is its adaptability. After launching to much fanfare last week, the aptly named, which takes submissions from John (or Jane) Q. Stoner on the price of weed per ounce by quality (low, medium, or high) and mashes it up with a searchable, clickable Google Map, has made some improvements. The site has increased the accuracy of average prices by throwing out potentially fake outliers and is planning on including information about regional law enforcement and social acceptance, also based on crowd-sourced feedback. The latest submissions from New York, New York show $100 for five grams of high-quality weed, and $50 for a high-quality eighth in Brooklyn, New York — proving the old adage that you really do pay more to live in Manhattan.

When crowdsourcing is your only option [Online Journalism Blog] — Adventures in Crowd-Sourced Journalism