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Queens Bank Robbers Make It Easy for Cops

Plainclothes police arrested four men in connection with a robbery yesterday after they spotted two guys wearing hoodies over their heads walk into a Queens savings bank in the middle of the afternoon. (Their clothes were suspicious because was nice and sunny outside.)

The same two guys rushed out moments later, bags of cash in hand, and jumped into a Camry. The cops approached the car and arrested four men, who they say are also suspected in five other heists.

According to the Daily News, the cops found “$10,306 in cash and a duffel bag that was stuffed with wigs, sunglasses, handwritten notes announcing a bank robbery, and various garments” in the car.

Wigs and sunglasses? Why would you enter a bank, wearing a hoodie in the middle of the afternoon if you already have a disguise?

Bank robbers in Queens busted by cops moments after Robbery [NYDN]

Queens Bank Robbers Make It Easy for Cops