Republicans Are Communists and Immigrants!

When running a congressional campaign against a Republican, there are a few tried-and-true strategies: Put them on the side of Wall Street, or oil companies, or crazy white-supremacist militias.These are all better ideas than mining anti-immigrant sentiment and lumping them in with the third-world communist enemies of Cold War America.

But Representative Loretta Sanchez, a Democrat from California, and supporters of Charlie Crist, the centrist former governor of Florida who is running for Senate as an Independent, might think differently.

Sanchez recently made a very simple video plea on Univision. Her Republican opponent is Vietnamese, and she urged voters to keep “the Vietnamese and the Republicans” from taking away her seat.

A pro-Crist organization chaired by a state senator who supports the former governor tried to keep things a little less blunt. They just sent out flyers dinging Republican Marco Rubio, a very conservative Cuban exile, for being too liberal on immigration, and put a giant Che Guevara poster next to his head.

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Republicans Are Communists and Immigrants!