Hedge-Fund Manager Tells Off Friends, Ex-Fiancé via Bloomberg

Sara Grillo, a Stern Business School graduate and 32-year-old manager at Diamond Oak Capital Advisors, has “vowed to help more women join the industry,” according to Bloomberg. How is she doing this? We can’t say we’re sure; there doesn’t seem to be an organized effort under way. But they do let us know who is on this woman’s shit list. For instance:

The friend who suggested she get a job bartending after she was laid off from Lehman Brothers:
“If I were a tall, broad shouldered, gray-haired, 50-year- old man with the same credentials, nobody would have suggested I take a job for less than one eighth of my salary.”

Suck it, friend.

Her cheap-bastard ex fiancé:
“Grillo said she and her boyfriend were faced with a choice between a platinum, gold, or silver engagement ring. He said he didn’t care which one she chose so long as it was the cheapest.” Eat it, fiancee. Because look who’s rich now?

she dumped him and invested the money for the wedding in Commercial Metals Co,. a small-cap stock that made her as much as 300 percent in profit.

So there.

Harvard to Lehman to New York’s Subway: A Woman’s Guide to Balancing Banks [Bloomberg]

Hedge-Fund Manager Tells Off Friends, Ex-Fiancé via Bloomberg