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Sarah Palin and the Media: Still Not Friends

Sarah Palin is lashing out against the writer of a new Vanity Fair profile so scathing that it that makes previous unflattering Palin articles look like hagiographies. The article has been criticized for relying heavily on anonymous, possibly inaccurate sources for anecdotes about Palin’s anger issues or phoniness, a charge Palin agreed with today with some very carefully chosen words for writer Michael Joseph Gross.

I hear there is some pretty ugly stuff right now,” Palin said of her recent coverage in an interview on Sean Hannity’s radio show.

Sounds like Palin is trying to start some unflattering rumors of her own. But Gross, for his part, says he didn’t set out to write a hit piece.

The worst stuff isn’t even in there,” Michael Joseph Gross said on “Morning Joe” Thursday. “I couldn’t believe these stories either when I first heard them, and I started this story with a prejudice in her favor. I have a lot in common with this woman. I’m a small-town person, I’m a Christian, I think that a lot of her criticisms of the media actually have something to them. And I think she got a bum ride, but everybody close to her tells the same story.”….

Michael, meet Andrew. Andrew, Michael. You two will be fast friends.

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Sarah Palin and the Media: Still Not Friends