Schumer and Menendez Pushed for Tax-Cut Vote

The running assumption about the decision by Senate Democrats to postpone the vote on whether to extend the Bush tax cuts was that it was driven purely by centrist Senators not wanting to be seen as raising taxes on anyone, even if it was the rich, because voters would revolt.

But, according to the Plum Line, New York senator Chuck Schumer and New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez — well-respected political opportunists, the former and current chairs of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee (strategists responsible for the current eighteen-seat majority) — actually supported a vote. Schumer, especially, sensed a vote on a bill cutting taxes for the wealthy would be bad for Republicans.

It might be time to revise the hypothesis that Senate Democrats are political cowards. They do stand on principle!

Politically savvy Senators wanted middle class tax cut vote [Plum Line/WP]

Schumer and Menendez Pushed for Tax-Cut Vote