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So Just How Much More Gay Is Hell’s Kitchen Going to Get?

So let’s just get this out of the way: Hell’s Kitchen is already pretty damn gay. But, as we’ve known for a while now, it’s set to get even more so with the opening of a hotel-and-nightclub complex geared toward gay men. The Out NYC Complex was reported to include a spa and fancy restaurant, and an open format so that all rooms face Jacuzzi-filled courtyards. But there’s more! Naturally, the Village Voice’s Michael Musto fills us in.

According to Musto, this megayplex will also feature:

• Windows that are configured to spell the word “OUT.”
• A café. (What’s gayer than a café?)
• Boutiques. (Oh, right. Boutiques are gayer than cafés.)
• A glass-covered pool area with cabanas.
• A function space for gay weddings. (Pending legality.)
• Richard Serra sculptures in the lobby.
• A huge nude photo that you have to take the elevator all the way up to see entirely, natch.
• Extensive soundproofing so that guests do not feel vibrations from the 1,200-capacity xl Dance Bar. The club will be run by John Blair and Betto Sutter, with promotion help by Brandon Voss and Tony Fornabaio. Either Rockit or Club 57 will move there eventually. Also, the club will feature elevated railways like Blair’s old Roxy, and you know what that means. (Well, some of you do. If you’re straight, this bullet point probably looks like a random assortment of syllables to you.)
• Transsexual diva Amanda Lepore, living in a free room, 24/7.

The one misstep the owners seem to have made is to insist upon having a restaurant. With a shirtless dance club on hand and the hot tub in full view, who on earth is going to want to eat?

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So Just How Much More Gay Is Hell’s Kitchen Going to Get?