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This Day in Protests

The ceremonies this morning were solemn, and there were no mass Koran burnings. But that doesn’t mean political craziness took a day off. Let’s recap:

Supporters and opponents of Park51demonstrated near Ground Zero. What, like the fight over the mosque was going to take a day off? The scrum was filled with all sorts of wackiness: Some dude lit a Koran on fire, a retired firefighter lieutenant got in the face of a demonstrator wearing a Mao cap, and a tall lapsed Muslim from Guyana in a skullcap and robe denounced Mohammed while the crowd booed him because they thought he was an Islamist. There were also some Mennonites hanging around.

Thousands of people in Afghanistan came out against the proposed Koran-burning. It was the second day of demonstrations. It is possible there are other things that Americans have done to make them angry.

People in London gathered outside the U.S. Embassy, angry with the calls for Koran-burning. Someone thought that lighting an American flag on fire would be the best response.

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin host a rally in Alaska. It’s officially non-political, and they are charging more than 65 bucks a pop.

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This Day in Protests