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Is Craigslist Shuttering Its Adult Services Section?

If you were looking to hook up with an anonymous stranger you met on the Internet this weekend, semi-bad news: Earlier today, in the U.S. only, Craigslist’s popular “Adult Services” section was changed to read “Censored,” and led only to a broken link. Craigslist reps have yet to comment on the change, but it comes after attorneys general in seventeen states banded together to urge Craigslist to discontinue its adult services, citing “a growing recognition that ads for prostitution - including ads trafficking children - are rampant” on the site.

Well we did some research for you guys this morning! At 9:30 a.m., Craigslist’s “Casual Encounters” section was still going strong, making the shuttering of the official Adult Services section, which is separate from Casual Encounters, fairly insignificant. However, Adult Services has in fact been changed to a bold, attention-grabbing “Censored” sign that cannot be clicked, no longer leading to even a broken link. Just a broken heart.

Adult Services Censored on Craigslist [CNN]

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Is Craigslist Shuttering Its Adult Services Section?