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Anna Chapman to World: ‘I Have Just Arrived’

Surely you remember Anna Chapman, the fire-haired beauty accused of spying on the U.S. who was sent back to Russia last summer, after seducing otherwise level-headed New Yorkers. She didn’t manage to seduce them into revealing state secrets, but she did become a bona fide celebrity. So how does she spend her days now?

Sounds suspiciously smart. The American media oft-noted that Chapman was a failed spy who actually listed her address as “99 Fake Street,” but maybe there’s more to her than that. Still, she’s pretty, so wouldn’t she rather just be a full-time famous person?

[Chapman] told [German magazine] Der Spiegel, “My Web site will be up and running soon. The contact information for my P.R. people will be listed there.” But so far, no sight of the site … Last week a Russian nightclub tried to drum up business by inviting the media to meet “the Russian Mata Hari, Anna Chapman.” But she was AWOL.

Maybe Anna’s playing the media, hiding her Self just enough so that we all stay interested. But when she made a surprise, possibly work-related appearance at a remote space launch pad last Wednesday, for a farewell party for a U.S. astronaut, she said but one thing to reporters, ever so quietly: “I have just arrived.” Hear that, everybody? The Anna Chapman reign has only just begun.

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Anna Chapman to World: ‘I Have Just Arrived’