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At Least One Candidate for Congress Has Fellated a Reindeer Dildo Nose

If you’re an attractive woman named Krystal Ball, you already need to overcome some hurdles to be taken seriously as a congressional candidate (e.g., the “Is she a stripper?” hurdle). So literally the last thing you need are photos of you dressed in a sexy outfit and sucking on a dildo being worn as a nose by a man in a reindeer costume to get leaked on the Internet, which is what happened this week to Ball, a 28-year-old Democrat with no prior political experience running for Congress in Virginia’s solidly red 1st district. Other photos, which were posted by a conservative blog, show Ball pulling reindeer-dildo-face by a leash, getting poked in her nether regions, and in the process of licking what appears to be a tiny vibrator. But it’s not as bad as it sounds!

Ball is not a stripper, despite her name, but a mother, a CPA, and a small-business owner. The photos were taken at a holiday party six years ago when Ball was only 22, and the reindeer with the dildo on his nose is Ball’s ex-husband (she has since remarried).

And she’s determined to not let the embarrassing photos deter her, or anyone else who has photos of themselves mock-blowing something floating around on the Internet somewhere (a.k.a. everyone under 30), from getting involved in politics. Ball will be the pioneer for the next generation of political candidates whose youthful debauchery has been thoroughly catalogued on Facebook. As she told Salon today:

It’s going to become increasingly common as my generation steps up and runs for office more frequently,” she said. “I suspect that more people will get used to that and they already are. But because we’re still in the early phases of that, it was important for me to get out in front of this.”

The truth is, anyone who went to college has been there. Ball is not a sexual deviant. She’s nothing you’ve heard. She’s you.

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At Least One Candidate for Congress Has Fellated a Reindeer Dildo Nose