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Bedbugs Hit Wall Street Journal

They were brought in by one of the lousy subsidiary publications. OF COURSE. Filthy mongrels. Here’s the sordid tale:

A spokeswoman for the company traced the suspected bedbug outbreak to a staff member for Barron’s, a weekly financial newspaper that, like The Journal, is a part of News Corp.’s Dow Jones subsidiary. “After a Barron’s staffer…informed us of bedbugs inside his apartment building, we arranged to test the area around his desk,” the spokeswoman explained. “We found no bugs. Nor could we find any physical sign of bugs.”

But as a further precaution, the company brought in a bedbug-sniffing dog, which have become increasingly common tools in the fight against infestations. The sniffer dog “did signal concerns,” the spokesperson added. “So even though we can’t find any specific evidence of any bugs, we will steam clean and treat the area to make sure no problem manifests itself.”

Now of course he has been ostracized. That’s what you get for honesty. Let that be a lesson to you, Newscorp!

Bedbugs Suspected Inside Wall Street Journal’s Office [WSJ]

Bedbugs Hit Wall Street Journal