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Bill Clinton Warns About the Republican Plan to Make College Unaffordable

The former president is still the biggest draw on the campaign trail in the Democratic Party, and he’s only taken one day off in the past two weeks. (He’s gone to 100 events this year.) His theme is simple — he feels the crowd’s pain (and anger), but doesn’t want it to blind them. “It is not a referendum. It. Is. A. Choice,” he said at a rally for Washington senator Patty Murray.

And then, according to the Washington Post’s Philip Rucker, Clinton invariably talks about health care the stimulus financial regulation student-loan policy. The Democrats passed a bill in March that limited monthly payments on federal loans to 10 percent of income. “Do not let this bill be repealed. If the young people of America show up, we will vote for the future and the bill will be secured,” he said, warning that Republicans would get rid of the bill. “These are real choices here — real, serious choices.”

It’s a line of attack against Republicans that hasn’t been that high-profile this cycle, and Clinton’s annoyance at his party’s inability to do their job is thinly veiled. “He is just baffled and bewildered about why there has not been a more coherent message talking about what the party has done, why we allowed ourselves to become human piñatas,” said Terry McAuliffe, the former chairman of the DNC and Clinton buddy-in-chief.

Former president Clinton on mission to rescue Democratic Party in fall elections [WP]

Bill Clinton Warns About the Republican Plan to Make College Unaffordable