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Breaking: City Residents Interacting Poorly With Bike Lanes

According to a study out by Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, these are among the myriad ways in which New Yorkers are mishandling our new bike lanes:

• Cars are constantly driving in the bike lanes, with 117 such infractions counted on the bike lane at 145th and St. Nicholas alone.
• People are riding in the lanes in the wrong direction. At Grand and Bowery, researchers saw more people going the wrong way than going the right way.
• People are walking all over the lanes. Once, in a two-hour period in Herald Square, pedestrians wandered into them (not in marked crossing spots) 240 times. That’s twice a minute.
• Even cop cars disregard the rules and cross bike lanes.

Stringer suggests a series of remedies to these problems, including better signage, more active policing, and education on issues like “How to open your cab door and not take out a cyclist.”

Bike Lanes Actually Kinda Dangerous [NYO]

Breaking: City Residents Interacting Poorly With Bike Lanes