George Soros: Legalize It

George Soros advocates the legalization of marijuana under Proposition 19, and not just because Woody Harrelson showed him the light by pressing a sweet hemp necklace into his wrinkled palm this one time. The billionaire philanthropist lays out his reasons in a Wall Street Journal op-ed today, among them that:

• Arresting people for pot violations occupies much of the time of law enforcement, which would be better spent going after less chill members of the citizenry.
• When said pot violators get sent to jail, it is taxpayers who are on the hook for their meals and stuff (which adds up to a lot, not least because they have the munchies).
• He cares about black people something something.

• He is dying to get in on the market share of that shit.

Weakened by Soros, who has the business plans all set for a Starbucks-like chain of coffee shops specializing in Grande bong hits, soft comfortable chairs, and Floyd on the stereo. Come on, America!

Update: Here’s a million dollars to get this thing started.

Why I Support Legal Marijuana [WSJ]

George Soros: Legalize It