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Huge Gourd Brings Local Man Satisfaction, Happiness

Every year, people all over America nurture pumpkins until they are swollen to gigantic proportions and beyond edible. Why? Because they can? Because we are privileged enough to grow food for sport instead of sustenance? Because dudes get bored and need something to occupy themselves? We don’t know, we’re not a shrink. The point is that this year, John Zambito of Kensington grew a pumpkin that weighs a shocking 502 pounds, and do you know what? He feels damn good about it.

An MTA supervisor with a green thumb, Zambito nurtured the pumpkin seeds into a big orange monstrosity at his upstate spread using a combination of fish fertilizer and donkey manure, his wife said.

It was his first super pumpkin.

Sometimes it’s just the little things in life that make you happy. Or in this case, the big things.

It’s real, and it’s spectacular! Brooklyn family’s pumpkin weighs 502 pounds [NYDN]

Huge Gourd Brings Local Man Satisfaction, Happiness