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‘I’m Not a Gynecologist, But I’ll Take a Look Inside’

Here are three reasons why school teachers should not become Facebook friends with their high-school students. From the Post:

• Bronx teacher Chadwin Reynolds “friended” at least five female students and commented on their photos, writing “This is sexy” under more than one. He tried to get a girl to go out with him by scoring her number off of Facebook and sending her flowers, candy, and a teddy bear. On Reynolds’s own page, he assured such young friends, “I’m not a gynecologist, but I’ll take a look inside.”
• Manhattan substitute teacher Stephen D’Andrilli friended a handful of young women in his school, telling one that she was pretty and he wanted to come visit her, and another that her “boyfriend [did not] deserve a beautiful girl” like her.

• Queens teacher Laurie Hirsch, 30, allegedly had sex at least ten times with an 18-year-old former student, and as proof posted a photo of herself kissing him on Facebook.

All those are pretty good reasons, no? Also, they’re totally going to show up on your news feed incessantly. And you know their status updates aren’t going to be about homework 

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‘I’m Not a Gynecologist, But I’ll Take a Look Inside’