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Is Blake Lively Really the ‘Jackie O of Her Time’?

Gossip Girl starlet Blake Lively “is a teen icon of high fashion and we haven’t really seen something like it,” says show costume designer Eric Daman. “She’s like the Jackie O of her time.” Now, we here at Daily Intel are not fashion experts, but we are experts on Blake Lively. As much as we love and respect Eric Daman, might we present our counter-evidence to his “Jackie O” theory?

Fifty Nine Reasons Why Blake Lively Is Not “the Jackie O of Her Time.”

There. It felt good to get that off our chest.

Gossip Girl Costume Designer Eric Daman Says He Loves Blake Lively Cause She Has Curves — She’s All ‘T*ts & A**’! [HollywoodLife via The Cut]
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Is Blake Lively Really the ‘Jackie O of Her Time’?