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Karl Rove Thinks Sarah Palin Lacks the ‘Gravitas’ to Be President

Giddy from abysmal approval ratings for the Democrat-led Congress, Karl Rove decided to tell the world how he really feels about the words “President Sarah Palin.” On Face the Nation this Sunday, Rove ducked a question about whether Palin was fit to run the country, declaring her “formidable.” But he was a little more candid with the Daily Telegraph:

“There are high standards that the American people have for it [the presidency] and they require a certain level of gravitas, and they want to look at the candidate and say ‘that candidate is doing things that gives me confidence that they are up to the most demanding job in the world’… With all due candor, appearing on your own reality show on the Discovery Channel, I am not certain how that fits in the American calculus of ‘that helps me see you in the Oval Office’”

As evidence of her lack of solemnity, he pointed to the commercial for the her show where she referred to her career as a public servant “in some stuffy old political office.” Rove added that “outside of the true believers,” Republican primary voters are still looking to see who’s up for the job. But why do we get the feeling this means puppet-master Rove has his candidate all picked out? In any case, we appreciate the attempt to elevate campaign rhetoric from “cojones” to “gravitas.”

Karl Rove questions Sarah Palin’s suitability for president [Telegraph UK]
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Karl Rove Thinks Sarah Palin Lacks the ‘Gravitas’ to Be President