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Mayor Bloomberg Makes a Charlie Sheen Joke

Mayor Bloomberg showed off his pop culture bona fides during his acceptance speech at the Huffington Post’s Game Changers event last night at Skylight Studios. Nora Ephron introduced him, but it was the mayor’s stand-up routine that got all the laughs, save for that touchy reference to the Yankees.

“The way we got Nora to introduce me was that I’d promised I’d say something nice about her book in my remarks. Actually, I haven’t read it. I’m sure it’s wonderful. It’s called, I Remember Nothing, which I heard is also the title of a new book by Charlie Sheen.

I am honored to join this distinctive group of game changers even though I was the last-minute replacement for Snooki. But I’ll take it.

“It’s [the event] something I’m looking forward to this week since the Yankees are not playing in the World Series. Actually, what I’m looking forward to is Halloween. Does everybody have their costumer? I thought about going in a meat dress, but then I thought I’d just go as a fiscally conservative, anti-smoking, pro-choice, anti-trans-fat Jewish billionaire mayor of the world’s greatest city. Maybe that’s just too much of a stretch, I don’t know?

This isn’t the first time Bloomberg has made us laugh. But it sort of sounds like Seth Myers is cheating on “Weekend Update.”

Mayor Bloomberg Makes a Charlie Sheen Joke