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Oh, That’s Why Joe Miller Didn’t Take Questions

The Republican candidate for Senate in Alaska has made it almost comically clear that he won’t take questions about his past as a part-time attorney for Fairbanks North Star Borough. First, he merely told the press that he would no longer take questions about his background after falsely accusing them of illegally using personnel records. Then, he ordered his private security staff to arrest a journalist who was nagging him with questions. The chase ended today, when the Fairbanks North Star Borough released his records.

And now it makes sense why he was trying to hide those records. They make him look like the strange kid in the high school computer lab! In them, he admitted that he used government computers in the service of his campaign for Republican state party chair. He went onto co-workers’ computers without their permission, participated in online political polls, and then cleared the cache. Then he lied about it.

I now understand that clearing the cache also cleared out passwords and ID’s for various websites that people were using and was very hurtful,” he wrote in a March 17, 2008 e-mail to the borough attorney, a few days after the clicking incident. “I lied about accessing all of the computers. I then admitted about accessing the computers, but lied about what I was doing. Finally, I admitted what I did.”

Miller’s letter of apology were greeted with a formal reprimand and a three-day suspension.

A word of advice: The cover-up of a bungled cover-up is usually worse than the crime.

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Oh, That’s Why Joe Miller Didn’t Take Questions