OKCupid: Among Online Daters, Gays No More Promiscuous Than Straights

ALL POINTS BULLETIN TO STRAIGHT PEOPLE: Gay people are not trying to track you down and sleep with you. We repeat: Gay people are not, yes, that’s right, NOT, trying to hunt you down in your little Pier One Imports–filled living rooms — with your Nintendo Wiis and your SportsCenter and your — to have sex with you. According to a statistical search of online-dating mecca by the site’s directors, only 0.6 percent of gay men have ever searched for straight matches, and only 0.1 percent of lesbians have ever done the same. In total, only 0.13 percent of visitors to straight people’s profiles are gay. In fact, in their entire database of thousands of users, no single gay or lesbian user has ever primarily searched for straight users.

And what’s more, among the younger-skewing demographic of OKCupid users, gay members have almost the exact same number of sexual partners as straight members on the median and on the whole average. Take note, cable-news spinmeisters.

Probably the best part of this survey is the geographical data that resulted in the map that is thumbnailed above. In it, users across America are color-coded in terms of gay curiosity. Of course, along the coast there are many more red (a.k.a. gay-oriented) users, and in the southeastern portion of the country there are pretty much only green and blue (straight-oriented) users. But Arizona and New Mexico — you are on FIRE! Who knew?

Gay Sex vs. Straight Sex [OKCupid]

OKCupid: Among Online Daters, Gays No More Promiscuous Than Straights