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Police Brutality Alleged in Brownstone Brooklyn

Did you think New York City cops had mellowed since the Serpico and Dinkins eras? That the subsequent horrifying Abner Louima and Sean Bell incidents might have caused people in the department to step back and say, “Whoa, let’s all be a little more careful”? Think again. Today’s Daily News brings us a new story of police brutality in an unexpected location: Brownstone Brooklyn.

Back in June, police crashed a birthday party in the backyard of a Gowanus brownstone that had been ordered vacated by the city. They dragged 34 people down to the precinct. And that’s where things got ugly, some of the partygoers, who are now suing the department, told the paper.

The 21 who are suing say that 78th Precinct cops agreed to order them pizza when they complained they were famished, took their money — but then wolfed down the slices.

Oh, the humanity.

Brooklyn partygoers say NYPD ate pizza, broke up bash … now they’re slapping cops with suit [NYDN]

Police Brutality Alleged in Brownstone Brooklyn