President Obama Leads the Gayest Federal Government Ever

Okay, so President Obama hasn’t been a total success with the gay community. “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” currently in legal limbo, has yet to be fully repealed, and the Obama Justice Department is fighting tooth and nail to keep it in place (even though some people, like prominent attorney Ted Olson, think it’s not obligated to). The Justice Department is also appealing a judge’s ruling striking down the Defense of Marriage Act. Together, these are two major objectives with which the judicial system has been a lot more helpful than the executive branch.

As disappointing and frustrating as that may be, Obama has been making efforts to further the gay cause in other ways. Some are symbolic, such as the “It Gets Better” video he released last week, and some are more tangible, like the record-setting number of gay appointments he’s made.

Gays may not be able to serve openly in the military, but they’re serving openly in the federal bureaucracy in large numbers, and that’s … that’s something, at least.

Obama appoints record number of gay officials [AP]

President Obama Leads the Gayest Federal Government Ever