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Rand Paul Supporters Respond to MoveOn Protester by Stomping on Her Head

Provocative tea-party candidate Rand Paul has never been afraid to speak up against politics as usual in Washington. In the past, he’s said he won’t stand for government (not big government, government period). He won’t stand for desegregated lunch counters. He won’t stand for “Ponzi schemes” like Social Security. Taking a cue from their angry, Libertarian candidate, Rand Paul’s supporters demonstrated outside the Kentucky senatorial debate last night that they won’t stand for peaceful protests. MoveOn.org volunteer Lauren Valle showed up in a blond wig with a fake reward for Paul from “RepublicanCorp,” to signal his ties to corporate special interests. Supporters grabbed the wig off her head, shoved her around, forced her body against the pavement, and held it in place while one man stomped on her head.

Clearly no one at the heated mob was worshiping to the god of Aqua Buddha. The video shows supporters yelling for the cops when they spotted Valle in their midst and chanting Rand Paul’s name after the supporter stomps on her head with his sneaker. A lone voice of dissent off-camera says, “No, no, no, come on.” Attorney General Mark Riddle, senior adviser for Democratic candidate Jack Conway’s campaign, reached out to one of Valle’s associates while she was in the hospital to make sure she was okay.

Paul’s camp has yet to offer a statement about the assault. But if the candidate’s performance at last night’s debates gives any clue, expect evasiveness, ignoring direct questions, changing the subject, and heaping blame on the media.

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Rand Paul Supporters Respond to MoveOn Protester by Stomping on Her Head