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Rand Paul’s College Buddies Have Fond Memories of Their Heathen Years

Rand Paul, the Republican candidate for senator in Kentucky, is both a hard-core tea-partier and something of an outlier in the modern conservative movement. He has inherited some of his dad’s quirky libertarian tendencies, which most memorably manifested itself three decades ago when, according to GQ, he and a Baylor University classmate got high, took a confused fellow co-ed from her dorm, and made her bow down to the great deity “Aqua Buddha.”

Paul and his friend belonged to the NoZe Brotherhood, an anarchic secret society that the Baptist college had banned because it was anti-Christian. “Randy smoked pot, he made fun of Baptists, none of us ever heard him pontificating about religion,” as one classmate put it. So it’s not surprising that the group’s newsletters, which Ben Smith just dug up and Paul reportedly helped to produce, deliver a raucous dose of easy undergraduate humor and heathen fun. (The Paul family has a bit of a newsletter problem.)

Take the essay by “Clement Victor,” who said he was an 83-year-old man and he was the real author of the Bible. “I had just read Faulkner’s ‘Intruder in the Dust’ where I found the moniker Joe Christmas. I liked the name,but I’m no plagiarist. So, I took part of it and added the name of a friend, Mr. Jesus Gonzales,” reads an excerpt that Smith quotes. “For years I ignored the argument between evolution and creationism until I realized this creationism stuff was from my book.”

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Rand Paul’s College Buddies Have Fond Memories of Their Heathen Years